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Pee-wee Herman New Web Site Launch


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Pee-wee Herman is preparing for a comeback. He is making his first appearance on stage in nearly 20 years with a new show – “The Pee-wee Herman Show” - in January 2010. To celebrate his comeback and spread the news, Pee-wee turned to I Imagine Studio to redesign his Web site.


To accommodate all the needs of the upcoming stage show, we completely redesigned the site, making drastic additions to the navigation and revamping its look and feel. The new Web site has internalized the settings of the original Pee-wee’s Playhouse Show, taking his fans back in time.

To help generate awareness of the show, we added a Stage Show page which features the show’s creative – poster and trailer – and a link to Ticketmaster’ site, where visitors can purchase their tickets. In order to remind the visitors of the characters prevalent in Pee-wee’s Playhouse in preparation for the stage show, we developed a Playhouse section where, in panoramic display, each character performs within the interiors of the original playhouse. 

With the new Community section, Pee-wee’s fans can now interact with him directly. The section is optimized with links to Pee-wee’s Facebook and Twitter pages and even his own social network, powered by Ning. The social network features videos, photos, a blog and forum, where members can communicate with one another and Pee-wee himself.   



The site offers plenty of complimentary Pee-wee content. The Videos section features 14 clips from the Pee-wee’s Playhouse show, all linked to one another and playing continuously within the Magic Screen. The Gallery page exhibits images of Pee-wee and the gang, gold framed and set on a marble wall, and the Downloads section makes wallpapers and buddy icons available to all Pee-wee fans. 

In celebration of the holidays, Pee-wee’s site is adorned with animated snowflakes and features a gift from Pee-wee – a free 45min “Christmas Special” video. To spread holiday cheer and news of Pee-wee’s comeback, visitors are also able to customize a holiday greeting card, featuring Pee-wee with Santa Claus, by inserting personal messaging and their picture.

With its clever design and outstanding rich media features, the new Web site provides an enjoyable experience for children and adults alike, adding to the fun and excitement of Pee-wee Herman’s comeback show.

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We were recently honored with two Summit International Awards in the Emerging Media Award competition for our work on the Lamin-Art Pearlescence and Lifeway Web sites.  The Lamin-Art site celebrates the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the Pearlescence collection and introduces the expanded line to designers and fabricators. The Lifeway site creates an unparallel online presence for the brand, enabling Lifeway to engage with and educate their customer universe about the benefits of Kefir.



We would like to extend to you our warmest holiday wishes. We hope 2010 brings all health, happiness and success.
To help spread the holiday spirit we have developed a customizable holiday eCard for all to share. Send your heartfelt wishes to your friends and family by uploading your image or picking one from the available collection, selecting the music and inserting personal messaging. Happy Holidays!

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