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Happy Holidays! from I Imagine Studio
bullet Revitalizing Evy of California Brand
bullet Pee-Wee for Christmas
bullet Launching New Innovative Restaurants
bullet Whatever It Takes
bullet Give the Gift of Innovation
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I Imagine Studio designed a new logo for Evy of California to accurately represent the company and remain consistent with the look and feel of the three divisional logos. The corporate logo was designed using typography, enclosures, and symbols, and is vivid and vibrant to reflect the brand. The logo visually encompasses and reflects the three divisional logos with a simple, clean feel and identifiable features that make it ownable. It is an energized logo to reflect an energized brand.

Evy of California logo


Celebrate Christmas the Pee-Wee Herman way. I Imagine Studio has been hard at work developing a festive, interactive website just in time for Christmas. The Pee-Wee Christmas page features a decorated Pee-Wee and his Playhouse, an interactive wrapped gift that opens to play Pee-Wee’s Playhouse Christmas Special and an invitation to send a festive Pee-Wee E-Card. Join the Christmas celebration at

pee wee's christmas playhouse


I Imagine Studio redesigned the Innovative Restaurants website to reach a more corporate audience by making it search engine friendly and optimizing it for mobile use by removing flash. I Imagine Studio created an informative site using stunning photography that reflects the beautiful facilities, exquisite cuisine and state of the art interior design for which Innovative Restaurants is known.

Innovative Dining Group


This Holiday season, I Imagine Studio’s gift giving efforts support Whatever It Takes, a unique artwork campaign and charity that brings together 660 of the world’s leaders, from Nobel Peace Prize laureates to business leaders, to athletes, to actors and musicians, to address the issues of the 21st Century including environmental conservation, child protection, and poverty alleviation. By purchasing and gifting Whatever It Takes celebrity designed products for the Holidays, I Imagine Studio can help to give the gift of hope for the future.

artwork by Susan Surandon

We would like to extend to you our warmest holiday wishes. We hope 2011 brings you health, happiness and success.
To help spread the holiday spirit we have developed a customizable holiday eCard for all to share. Send your heartfelt wishes to your friends and family by uploading your image or picking one from the available collection, selecting the music and inserting personal messaging. Happy Holidays! We look forward to hearing from and seeing you in the New Year!

I Imagine Christmas card

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