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Last month our team launched the redesigned A brand with such a bright personality deserved a Web site to match.  

Starfruit Café’s site has undergone a transformation reflected in all aspects of the site: from navigation to its look and feel. We have expanded the site to allow for Starfruit’s continued growth and altered its design for a more user-friendly experience. The new About Us section informs visitors about the health benefits of kefir vis-à-vis frozen yogurt and presents Starfruit’s social responsibility efforts. The expanded Menu portion of the site visually features all the diverse flavor and topping options available at the store, along with nutritional information. And the What’s New section – an entirely new addition – allows site visitors to flip through the pictures from past events and announcements of upcoming ones. The site is also optimized with Facebook and Twitter interfaces featuring real-time updates and enabling visitors to become fans without even leaving the site.

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As all-natural and organic product categories are becoming increasingly sought after by today’s consumers, Vita Foods initiated a reformulation of its most popular dressing in the Oak Hill Farms line – Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette. The dressing is now all natural, containing no gluten or high fructose corn syrup. To redesign the dressing’s packaging, which was to both wow the consumer and clearly indicate the newfound health benefits - all without alienating its established customer base, - Vita Foods turned to I Imagine.

We developed four packaging components—label, tray, neckband and shrink wrap—generating a high-end, visually appealing look that clearly conveyed the naturalness of the dressing. With its new packaging, Oak Hill Farms Vidalia Onion Vinaigrette is sure to stand out on the crowded store shelves.



In response to the destructive earthquake that ravaged Haiti last month, organizations, countries and individuals have risen to the challenge of doing their part for those affected by the crisis. While some relief agencies have been hindered by the logistical nightmare that has occurred, organizations such as IsraAID (Israel Forum for International Humanitarian Aid) and Doctors Without Borders have been able to mobilize a significant and rapid response to the crisis, setting up emergency hospitals and offering immediate medical and humanitarian help. We believe each one of us can make a difference and, therefore, encourage everyone to donate.

To learn more about or donate to Doctors Without Borders and IsraAID, follow the links below.

IsraAID via AJC 

Doctors Without Borders






Conducted by the American Advertising Federation and with such renowned participants as McCann Erickson, Leo Burnett and BBDO, the ADDY Awards is the world’s largest advertising competition and the only creative awards program administered by and for the advertising industry.

Olga Weiss, the Creative Director of I Imagine Studio, got a chance to judge the ADDY Awards earlier this month in Reno, NV. Olga, along with two other judges, reviewed over 400 submissions in such diverse categories as broadcast and print, sales materials and self-promotion, and interactive.

“Judging the competition was a great opportunity to not only gain exposure to the new creative work executed by both small and large agencies but to exchange perspectives and experiences with the other creatives,” said Olga.

From the many creative concepts and impressively executed campaigns Olga reviewed, the work of one photographer made a particularly strong impression on her. “I found Jeff Ross’ series Hope: 26 Inspirations ( especially engaging,” Olga noted. “In a series of portraits, he depicted a group of workers at High Sierra Industries, which provides employment opportunities and living arrangements to people with physical and mental challenges.”

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