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Integrated campaign for Pearlescence


Judging Webaward Competition

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The Pearlescence Solid Colors collection, one of Lamin-Art’s most important product lines, was introduced in 1984. The first pearlescent high-pressure decorative laminate introduced to North America, Pearlescence has long been recognized as one of the most innovative and unique product lines in the industry. To highlight the 25th anniversary of the line, Lamin-Art is updating its Pearlescence line of colors and finishes with the largest new product introduction in the company’s history!

With the goal of presenting the line as elegant, interesting, and easy to understand, the team at I Imagine Studio:

  • Celebrated the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the Pearlescence Collection and its history of innovation
  • Introduced Pearlescence’s expanded, updated line of colors and finishes and communicated that all finishes are now available in all colors
  • Enabled designers and fabricators to see the collection’s colors and finishes while minimizing the costs

A totally integrated campaign with each element playing a different role:

Announcement Ad: Broadcast the “new” news.
Case Study Ad: Celebrate the innovative results.
Project Case Studies: Tell the stories and results.
Trade Show Video: Create interest & emotion.
Lead Generation Direct Mail: Invite involvement.
Web Site: Everything you want to know & see.
Follow Up Direct Mail Kit: See all of the options.
Expandable Rich Media Online Banner: Attract new clients.



Web site awards are a great way to recognize talented individual and team efforts in outstanding Web site development and generate internet marketing exposure for the award winning Web site.

Olga Weiss, the Creative Director of I Imagine Studio, has been judging the international WebAward Competition for three years, one of the premier Web site award programs available today.

"I found it incredibly educational and interesting, having the opportunity to review so many diverse site submissions. This experience forced me to focus on what works for the site objectives and target audience. It's always a pleasant surprise to see some small unknown sites using creativity and technology to push the boundary versus some of the big brands who spend millions on the mediocre Web site." she said.

Olga noted, "The continuing trend this year is using blogs, social media and other, more dialogue oriented solutions in online marketing with the focus on integrated, scalable and feature-rich applications."


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