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IIS Pledges to End Polio Now


Innovations in the Home and Housewares Industry


IIS Attends IMPACT Chicago


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Rotary International

Following the success of The Kick Polio Out of Africa campaign, I Imagine Studio responded inventively once again to Rotary International's objective to create an interactive application to further heighten global awareness of polio eradication. Launched a week ago, the new microsite encourages people around the world to lend their face to the This Close campaign, which features a group of world leaders, humanitarians and celebrities and emphasizes that Rotary is 99 percent toward its goal of eradicating this crippling disease.

Designed in the shape of a book, the application was inspired by the idea of making a pledge to end polio. The application allows vistors to add their faces and names to the campaign by customizing the This Close ads by selecting a silhouette, adding their picture and adjusting skin and background colors to their preference. Once customized, the individual ads can be shared via social networks, emailed or saved to participants' computers. Participants and vistors can also leaf through the interactive book or view the world map for a gallery of user-customized ads and participants' comments from around the globe that can be segmented by country or name.

The new interactive campaign is a true testimony of the power people have today to promote causes to help each other to live in dignity. Take a moment and join millions in the fight against polio by creating your pledge at


Home and Housewares 2011

On March 7th and 8th, I Imagine Studio attended the 2011 International Home and Housewares Show at McCormick Place. The show gave us an inside look at some of the up-and-coming products and innovations in the home goods, interior design and architecture, and technology industries.

One of our favorite products was Soda Stream, an innovative creation that allows consumers to make soda from the comfort of their homes. With over 100 flavors, consumers can make any kind of cola, fruit or energy drink they desire. The bottles are reusable, which eliminates the need for wasteful aluminum cans.

Another interesting product that that was very popular at the show was the reusable coffee container- for both hot and cold drinks. COPCO holds the majority of this market share, producing reusable cups that look like single-use containers in a variety of fun colors. Read more here.


On February 11th, I Imagine Studio attended IMPACT Chicago 2011, part of the IMPACT Series 2011 by The Kellogg School of Management. The purpose of these events is to provide an ongoing, global forum on the future of business, leadership, innovation, and society.

This time, the keynote presenter was Miles White, the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Abbott. White spoke about his concept "The 4 P's of Global Expansion." But, don't be confused by the name. He did not lecture on product, price, place, or promotion. The audience, almost all graduates from Kellogg, who have had those 4 P's drilled into them for years, was in for a surprise as he adapted the notion of 4P's to global marketing, advising on global expansion the right way.
Read more here.


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