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Can your brand be heard? Learning to listen is tough these days, but when it comes to branding, the payoff can be great. Audio branding is one of the most up-and-coming and under-utilized branding strategies out there. Our VP of Advertising, Larry Minsky, explains why your company should remain silent no more in his Harvard Business Review article, What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

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MARKETING AMONG THE MADNESS Facebook Like Tweet Google+1 Pinit inShare

March isn’t just a month to sit around waiting for the snow to melt. There is basketball to be played. The March Madness tournament takes center stage this month and smart companies everywhere are learning to capitalize on the continued support of the tournament’s fans by creating slam dunk marketing campaigns.

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NATURAL FOOD EXPO 2014 Facebook Like Tweet Google+1 Pinit inShare

For us, it’s hard not to be lured into this fast-changing, cutting-edge and sometimes exotic world of organic and natural food and products. So when the Natural Expo West happened in the first week of March, we couldn’t help but walk the show to see what’s new in the food industry. And we weren’t left unsurprised. Can you say you’ve ever seen cricket in a health bar, for example? We hadn’t either until the Natural Product Expo 2014.

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