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For the past four years, our team has been working with Tennis Corporation of America (TCA), a national health and athletics organization managing over 40 health clubs in North America. The company was founded by Alan Schwartz and his father, Kevie. Together, they built and opened the famous Midtown Tennis Club, a unique social athletic experience.

Since 1987, Steven Schwartz, Alan’s son, expanded the business into new areas including health system and corporate fitness and wellness represented by TCA’s division Proactive Partners and its President, Debra Siena.

TCA engaged our team to help Proactive Partners to revitalize its brand. In a close collaboration with the client, I Imagine Studio co-created and evolved Proactive Partners’ brand platform to position the brand as a leader in the corporate and health system fitness and wellness industry. The new Brand Essence “Healthy Business” will be extended to all touch points of the Proactive Partners organization. Stay tuned for more news in our next newsletter.


I Imagine Studio’s team produced a web movie for Lifeway’s newest product innovation – BioKefir. The new web movie is streamlined online via social media and also used for in-store presentations. Instead of the traditional kefir products, which come in 32oz bottles, this product comes in a shot form with significantly more live and active cultures per serving than regular kefir. It also has distinct health benefits and near medicinal properties for heart health, digestion and immunity. The spot educates consumers about this medical revolution in Kefir. The product is sold at Whole Foods, and so far, customers love the new concept of a health-packed bottle of Bio Kefir. Watch the movie and start drinking today!

biokefir video
biokefir video


I Imagine Studio attended the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo from November 17-19 in Chicago, Illinois to support a cause near and dear to the agency’s heart. The Greenbuild Expo featured more than 1,000 exhibiting companies dedicated to sustainable practices and green products and services, and also offered over 200 opportunities to learn, from green building tours around the city to learning how to power the green jobs that fuel the clean energy economy.

The potential of the green building movement is limitless, with the Greenbuild Expo as a solid stepping stone, and people all over the world, young and old, urban and rural, rich and poor, environmentalists and business owners, teachers and students, all coming together, regardless of their differences, to define the future for our green generation.




I Imagine Studio attended the “How Google Does Marketing” event to learn exactly how Google continues to succeed in an ever-changing world. The findings were fascinating and applicable to marketing across industries.

I have to admit, I love Google. Not only because I use it every day for personal needs – Gmail, Picasso, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Notebook – and not only because Google is the most effective and measurable source of advertising for I Imagine Studio's clients, but also, with 20,000 employees, the company is so brilliantly nimble and innovative. And best of all, they provide people with information and tools at no charge. Google does not scream, "This is FREE," they just do it. And they do it well. Read More

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